Greetings from Spirit Central!

We miss you and want to get re-connected as soon as possible.  Sue and I have an idea that we’re excited about, and we’re especially hyped because it involves European travel and it involves you!

For years we’ve been talking about a Spirit Alumni Family Reunion, but it never has really gotten off the ground.  Now is the time!

We’re planning a Spirit Alumni Reunion Tour of Europe for the summer of 2012, and we’ve put together an itinerary which includes several of our favorite places.  Where better to have a reunion than in the Swiss Alps and at the Tyrolean Evening in Innsbruck and on a lake cruise?  Sue has received feedback from many of you on Facebook, and she has gotten a general consensus of your favorite places.  In addition we’ve added a couple of great places that may be new to most of you.  With this letter are the itinerary and some airline information.

Now here’s how we plan to make this happen, and how to make it more affordable.  (With the dollar at a record low, the prices are higher than we’d like):

  • We’re going to open this up to friends and family members of Spirit Alumni.  The more the merrier.  You can bring along everyone you wish to introduce to your favorite places and with whom you want to share your favorite Spirit experiences and memories.  We’ll need a minimum of 15 couples (30 people) to make the trip a “go.”  I don’t think we’ll have any trouble with this.  Our goal is to have enough to fill a double decker bus!
  • Each person will arrange his/her own air travel.  This way you can save big bucks by shopping carefully on the internet for the best prices, and you can use your frequent flyer or awards miles to pay for your air ticket(s).  Sue and I are going to charge to our VISA card just about everything we buy, (i.e., groceries, toothpaste, etc.)  We plan to pay for our tickets and those of our family members with frequent flyer miles.
  • We’ve arranged to give you financial credit toward your trip for every paying passenger you bring along with you.  In addition to your family, you can invite members of your church, your civic club, your musician friends, etc.  For each person you bring along (who is paying full fare) we can give you a $100 discount for your own trip.  Only two rules apply: (1) Make sure the people you bring are good folks who will feel comfortable with us (somewhat crazy) Spirit people; and (2) If you bring along anyone under 18, a family member or another adult has to take full legal responsibility for him/her.  I’m not supervising anybody on this trip – not even Sue (as if it would do any good anyway…).  No curfew or bed checks for me.

Here’s what to do next:  Get in touch with all your Spirit friends.  If you’re a Facebook person, make sure you’re a member of the Spirit Alumni Facebook groupThen let’s go on an all-out hunt for Spirit members.  There are several thousand of us out there from 1978 thru 2004.  Ask them to join the Alumni Facebook site.

Fill out the registration form and send it to us with a deposit.  As soon as we reach our minimum number we’ll let you know and then you can get your best airfare deal.  (See the airline information page.)

You can contact me at My cell phone is 828-265-9265.  Let us hear from you!