Remember when you thought you liked cheese so you ordered that sampler plate of stinky European cheeses and you spent the next two days drinking Pepto-Bismol and hugging a toilet? The food was always an adventure, especially if you couldn’t read the menu or communicate well with the server. These stories should be good….

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  1. Alicia Jones
    August 10, 2011 | 8:37 pm

    Soup of the day at a cafe in Annecy. The broth was so great, but then when the spoon went deeper and came up, there was a little octopus sitting on it. Now I’m a calamari (squid) and octopus dish (particularly Japanese ones… yum, yum!) connoisseur, but it was my first experience with octopus and I was freaked right out! Also, I was told we ate dog in Luxembourg (I don’t think that one is true) and horse in Germany (I think that one is true).

  2. Ross Comstock
    October 16, 2011 | 10:29 am

    I was pretty excited about sampling different foods in Europe, which I did. But on the Heidelberg stop on the ’99 trip, the hotel provided us with some BBQ chicken. I guess they figured that being over a week and a half into the trip, we would be wanting American food. However, I don’t think the hotel chefs quite understood what BBQ chicken is. Each of us had an ENTIRE HALF A CHICKEN on our plates! It was well prepared but it was kinda like giving Gilligan a coconut when he got off the island, you know?

    Second one…we had a stop off at an Air Force Base in Germany (I THINK it was Ramstein but I’m not sure) and, of course on any military base in the world there’s a Burger King! This was pretty exciting for all of us…unfortunately, only about three of us were allowed to go in at first because of our military status. (Bases don’t typically serve civilians.) Thanks to some sweet talking by the Naffs, everyone was able to chow down on some American goodness before going to the carnival on base. (Where Joe Naff ALMOST threw up on me during one of those rides after consuming what was quite possibly the largest amount of food available on the menu!)

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